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Meet the Princesses

Princess Brooke

As a young child, princess Brooke wasn't sure about being a princess. She thought Glenda the Good Witch had a better job. Then, she came to the Snowflake Princess Tea Party and met the St. Pius X Princesses. She wanted to be just like them.

Princess Brooke has an infectious smile and laughs all the time. It can be really hard to frown when you are around her! She loves a crowd, loves to tell silly stories and best of all, she loves her job as Princess Brooke.

Come see her at the Snowflake Princess Tea Party!

Princess Lauren

"Wherever you go, you should be ready to strike a pose," says Princess Lauren. Practice you best pose and your smile and you and Princess Lauren can strike a pose together. 

Princess Lauren worked hard to learn her royal duties when she was little. She practiced her curtsy and her twirl until she rubbed holes in her shoes. Now, she has it down perfect! She knows that if she practices she will be able to have fun and smile and giggle and still twirl without falling. Ask her to twirl for you!

Come meet Princess Lauren at the Snowflake Princess Tea Party!

Princess Anna

There may be other princesses in the world with the name Anna, but none of them are like our Princess Anna. She has a kind and gentle soul and wants all of her subjects to be happy. She will sit with you and listen to you tell all about your day and smile in a way that warms your soul.

Princess Anna is new to our world and she fits it perfectly. She knows that being a princess can be serious work, but it can be so much fun too.

Come smile with Princess Anna at the Snowflake Princess Tea Party!

Princess Ciera

Even the wonderland of the forest has a princess and she enjoys her life in nature. Princess Ciera rules over the forest with a gentle smile and an impish spirit. She will lead you to a copse of the best trees to climb or a secret bed of four leaf clovers. Wherever she goes, she finds the best places to play.

Come meet Princess Ciera!

Princess Neva

Epcot really is out of this world and Princess Neva loved her time there. From her tiara to her wand she is all Princess!

Princess Neva is unfailingly kind and knows that being a princess can be hard work. She sprinkles silliness everywhere she goes, and she goes everywhere! To Princess Neva, princesses should be involved in everything they can! Princess Neva cheers, plays soccer, golf, swims, dives and tumbles. 

Come meet Princess Neva at the Snowflake Princess Tea Party!

Princess Sophia

A little rain is no match for Princess Sophia. She will wear her sparkles and tulle dresses and still smile.

Princess Sophia takes her job as a princess very seriously. She knows she has to practice and work on all of her skills. She knows a princess helps people and is kind to everyone she encounters.

Princess Sophia is such a good listener, She will ask you about your dreams, then she will smile and laugh with you too.

Meet Princess Sophia and tell her your dreams at the Snowflake Princess Tea Party!

Princess Stella

From a young age, Princess Stella knew she loved the sparkles of being part of the Royal Family. She loved the swish of her princess dresses and the way they would swing when she twirled in the entry hall.

She always has fun and knows how to make everyone smile and giggle. If you don't smile when she sees you, she just might give you a smirk, and a giggle until you are both laughing.

Join Princess Stella at the Snowflake Princess Tea Party.

Princess Celia

Whether she is wearing purple, or blue, Princess Celia was a colorful and happy child. Now, she will tell you that her signature color is yellow!

Princess Celia loves spending time with children and believes a princess should always show children that even princesses giggle and smile. She will play hide and seek and tag with anyone who asks, even when it means hiding from the Castle security!

Come join Princess Celia and play a game with this fun-loving Princess at the Snowflake Princess Tea Party!

Princess VitaAnn

From her youngest age, Princess VitaAnn knew her role included making people happy. She loved her princess dresses, but she loved playing most of all. Her laugh and her smile bring happiness to everyone around her.

Don't miss your chance to meet Princess VitaAnn at the Tea Party.

Princess Kaitlin

When Princess Kaitlin was small, she loved her pink princess dress. She admired a favorite cartoon princess and emulates her whenever she can. Sophia the First is a sweet little princess and Princess Kaitlin is too. 

Come meet her and see how she is a modern day Sophia the First!