Tryout Process

Tryout Process Information


1.     April 3, 6PM

Parents and athletes can attend a “Parent Informational Meeting” in the main gym.

2.     Before April 11

Athletes must fill out the online application before first. Late submissions will not be accepted.

3.     Before April 11

Athletes must turn in $15 or pay online for tryouts. This fee pays for the Tryout T-shirt and snacks.

4.     Practice all parts in ‘Tryout Components List”.

5.     Before April 11

Turn in Parent/Athlete Commitment Form.

6.     Before April 11

All athletes are required to have a physical on file at St. Pius X before participation. Please connect Courtney Wohlwend to submit this information or visit for more information.

7.     April 11 & April 12

Attend Tryout Clinics to learn group routines.

8.     April 24

Rock your skills at Mock Tryouts

9.     April 26

Attend tryouts, do your best. No spectators are allowed at clinics or tryouts.

Results are delivered that evening.

All athletes stay and speak with coach after results are tabulated.


How to Dress


Skills to Practice



Tryout Components List (updated 3/31/2023)

Judges will score in the following categories. Athletes will tryout in a small group of 3 or 4. As a group, they will develop an original cheer or chant together during the clinic. It will be up to the athletes to work together on this. Groups will be assigned at the first clinic. All three athletes will be in the room together during the whole tryout.

o   School Song (learned at clinic)

o   Group Sideline Dance (learned at clinic)

o   Group Cheer (learned at clinic)

o   Group Chant (learned at clinic)

o   Original Cheer

o   Flexibility

o   Jumps

o   Tumbling

o   Other