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2022/23 SPX Cheer Competition Team is open to any active cheerleader in good standing. To be part of the competition team, a cheerleader must turn in this form and follow through on all expectations. Page 2 has a form for cheerleaders and guardians to approve their participation. 

MORE INFO (as of 11:10PM Wednesday, August 31)

Game Day Competition is in the Winter/Spring. Location: Drury University, Springfield, MO. Date: Sunday, February 19 (registration open Nov 1). This is a 1-Day Competition. Details: 3 divisions (chant, band dance, fight song). Must compete in all 3 and place in top 5 of at least 2 of these to qualify for state title, awarded that same day. The 3 division scores will be averaged to get highest scoring team. Cost: $10/athlete (& alternate) per division - so $30/athlete & alternate if competing in all 3 to qualify for state title.

The form can also be found at:

Comp Team Expectation Form.pdf