Comp Updates

October 21, 2022

All 11 cheerleaders must submit payment for their hotel room before Thanksgiving! The payment is $81.

This spirit Wear Link is run by the Competition and the spirit wear will be available at the competition (like Avila).

***I will ask our girls to develop a shirt/design of their own so they can arrive in SPX Comp Cheer style.

I would like to have a group of parents to help with some details of the trip. If you are interested in helping, please tag me on REMIND or email. I would like to get together in the next two weeks to go over plans and then let that group run with them.

The girls' practice schedule is gearing up. I am working on an alternative location on campus so we can limit morning practices to the block schedule days.

Comp Team Update 10/13/2022


Below is a long list of information about the next 2 months for Comp Team. Please read carefully. We start practices next week and will have 8 weeks to practice the routine before the State competition.

1. State Competition

a. Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau. Tickets will only be online. I will send that information as I receive it.

b. We compete on Sunday, December 11 at 9:00 AM, awards are scheduled for 11:00 AM.

c. We will leave Saturday morning from St. Pius X in the shuttle.

d. The girls will room together at the Hampton Inn on I-55. I will send an expense breakdown and create a link for payment. St. Pius X will pay for the rooms upfront, but each girl is responsible for this cost to St. Pius before the competition.

e. We will show the routine to the school and par3ents at the Pep Rally on Monday, December 5, 2022. I will forward times as we approach that date.

f. Parents are welcome to join us at State. The girls will have a tight schedule and will stay together until after awards. I will send out the itinerary for meals, etc. The girls will pay for their meals individually. Parents are welcome at these meals. The girls will have a curfew, lights out etc. I realize some families have friends or relatives nearby and would like to schedule a visit. Please do not schedule this until after awards, and let me know.

2. Practices

a. The Competition Calendar is updated with all the practices through the end of 2022.

b. All participants are expected to be at these practices. I understand there are inevitable conflicts. Please, look ahead now and try to schedule around these practices. The girls understand that every athlete is a necessity to run their routine.

c. I have tried to coordinate full-squad practices with the competition practices to assist in scheduling.

3. Games

a. Between Oct. 17 and Dec. 11 there will be very few volleyball/basketball games. I have scheduled the non-competition team cheerleaders for most of these. Anyone on competition team who wants to cheer at any of these games are welcome to do so. Please look at the calendar and wear the appropriate uniform.

b. As we learn the actual district/sectional/state schedules, sideline cheer events may be added. Do not be surprised if competition team is called into action for a game in these circumstances.

c. We will learn and use components of the competition routine for all remaining games. Look forward to more tumbling and stunting.

St. Pius X High School

Cheerleading Competition Team



Below is a list of the expectations your choreographer and I will have of the competition team. By signing up for this team, you are agreeing to meet all expectations. If this becomes an issue, I will speak to you personally. If you continue to have issues meeting the expectations, I will notify you and your parents in writing and you will have one last chance. After that, you will be removed from the squad.

There will be alternates. These positions will learn the routine and will come to competition. They will replace anyone missing due to removal, benching, or injury. If I believe the best action for the team is to remove a cheerleader and replace her with an alternate, I will do that.


1. Sign this form and have your parent or guardian approve the expectations and your participation and return the signature portion on time (by Friday, September 3, 2022) to Brigette.

2. Submit payment in full and by deadlines. We will do whatever we can to limit this expense.

a. Each competition will come with a fee of less than $50 ($35 for regional/state Routine Competition, Game Day Fee is unknown). There could be as many as 2 competition fees.

b. If we are chosen to compete at State in December, the competition is at Southeast Missouri State in Cape Girardeau. Each girl will be responsible for her portion of the trip fees, hotel, transportation, food. Coach will put a parent committee together for these arrangements.

c. The game day competition in the spring may require travel, but hasn’t been announced.

3. Attendance is expected at every practice.

a. There is no excuse for missing a competition team practice.

b. Tardy or leaving early is not acceptable. These practices will move quickly, and it is unfair to the squad for cheerleaders to be missing.

4. Full effort is extremely important. Focus, attention, spirit, and personal practice are all essential to learning and perfecting the competition routines.

5. A positive attitude is the only attitude accepted in competition. We are practicing together, supporting each other’s efforts, and projecting that positivity is a necessity. Do what coach says immediately and with a positive attitude.

6. Proper dress, makeup, and hairstyle. It is imperative all cheerleaders follow NSHA, MCCA and MSHSAA cheerleading rules for dress at practice and in competition.

a. NO Jewelry is allowed in practice or competition.

b. Hair must be pulled back and no loose pieces are allowed in practice or competition.

c. Nails must be short for practice and competition. Nail color must be natural for competition.

d. Practices require tight tanks or tee shirts and spandex shorts. No loose clothing.

e. Cheer shoes only for practice.

f. Uniform requirements will be explained as competition nears.

7. Keep up with SPX Cheer Squad responsibilities. Attend squad practices and games. Maintain teamwork and spirit as expected.

8. Keep up with grades. If grades become an issue, Coach will reach out to you for improvement. Issues with grades can cause removal from performances or the competition team.

St. Pius X High School

Cheerleading Competition Team


As a member of the competition team for SPX Cheer, I will meet the expectations. I understand that I can be removed from performances or the competition team if I have issues with meeting these expectations. I am willing to give this team my hard work and every effort to make the experience the best for all of us.

Name:______________________________________ Date:______________________

As a parent of a competition team member for SPX Cheer, I understand that my child will meet the expectations. I realize that my child can be removed from performance or the squad for issues meeting these expectations. I am willing to allow my child the opportunity to be a part of this team.

Name:______________________________________ Date:________________________